Friday, June 24, 2016


There's a listen in your ear 
And an arrow in your blood 
I gut the belly of your compass 
I search hard 

I breathe every step 
I turn away and find 

Tell me as my movie reels 
Into focus new memory 
Keeps rewinding your iris so clearly 
A vision I see perfectly 
Gleaming into my intention 
Like brandy 
Drunk on your love 

I can't forget you 
I can't erase you 

Like your last letter 
Typed so perfect 

I climb every ladder 
That will take me farther 
But it just leads me closer 

How tell me 
How do you separate 

I am not a hopeless romantic 
I am not a writer 
I am not a martyr 
I am just here 
Trying not to remember 

The hero 
Who saved me 

So tell me 
How do you walk now 
With my arrow 
Coursing through your perfect heart 
As a reminder 
That I'm here waiting 

Trying to save myself