Thursday, June 30, 2016


I was born the day you recognized me 
I woke in the glory 
Of the day 
When letters opened , finally read 
The sigh of relief finally met 
If I could say it any better 

Standing in arms 
From across the room 
From across the world 

It's where the cloud met the sky 
Never knew how things felt when they became right 

Like how that line went in the movie 
The last one in this song 

Tell me - 
As you walk in the woods alone 
Am I there folded and hiding there 
Somewhere in the crease of your 


In the letters finally read the day 
That day 

I hear the music still in every quiet room 
I feel your heart beating left in the quiet 
Of my ear 

I'm asking you 
To come home 

Because when your across the room 
Across the world 
Your near me