Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Telegraphs written gone unread 
A Lonley love song lost in smoke 
A conversation between two now one 
Tell me how does the story end 
You said you figured it best 

I figured I'd wait a little longer 
Little girls always have dreams of castles 
And you were the hero 
If I say good bye today 
If I put a stamp on this letter 

Would I fold your cape and put it away for later 
I sit now in our sunset 
Folding envelope 
Tired of all the nights alone 
Maybe love never dies 

But I can't fight alone . 
So I walk down the path 
The numbers on the house they fall 
One by one 
Eyes black - tears fall 
But you figured it best 
As I drop this letter in the mail 

I'm guessing 
There will be 
No answer