Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I wrote you a letter today 
Like a coloring book 
Inside and outside the lines I drew 
I crushed the paper a hundred times 
I couldn't quite get the message through 

I knew in your silence 
What you were going through 

The crayons are laying on the floor 
Music streams at midnight 
Not sure where the time went 
But I knew 

I'm left here crumbling paper 
Can't say I'm surprised 
Tried to catch you before midnight 
Before you hid your final good bye 
Under the mat where keys go that wer'e meant to find . 

You know what I mean don't you ?
You knew I had it figured from the beginning 
Should've stayed 
I'm the finish line you see 

Now I'm here left with paper 
With endings and new beginnings