Friday, May 20, 2016


I write best when I'm not thinking 
Heart guides me best as I'm driving 
Whatever she tells me is the truth 
It's always the truth between you and me 

My voice is all I have 
You will only know me if your listening 
I love deeply but love rarely 
Love never comes easy 
Success only comes when you believe in yourself 
Believing is integrity 
I have a handful of friends but boy 
Do they mean everything 
And to them I'm everything 

They hear me . 

I'm 38 tomorrow 
This past year I've learned to listen to people from the inside 
Things are not black and white 

We live once take nothing for granted 
Let no one take you for granted 

And never let go of love . 

Because true love comes back . 
And most of all make everything count and never do anything you may regret 

Cheers to another year