Saturday, September 5, 2015


If I could I would write the perfect letter 
To bring you home , 
I would tell you about how I drive home at night I think of you and stare at the moon , wondering if you watch it too . 

I would tell you how I lay in bed dreaming of holding you just one more time 
Wondering if you ever dream it too - 

I also wish I could just once hand stitch every song that reminds me of you , but it would be to many lines and to many words , you see - 

And if I could one last time I would tell you about how confused I was about your note , because good byes never come bye one way conversations between a lock and a key - 

So tell me because I know .... I'm not crazy , and I've been a little around the block , and a girl like me doesn't give love so easy - 
So tell me - when I'm a hundred million light years away do you feel me - ? 

When I tell you I miss you when I'm alone in my bed ? Do you hear me on my drive home at night tell you I love you when I search the moon ? 

And as much as I move on my heart stays back some where with you . 

Maybe you will never read this letter addressed to you . But maybe you will hear me talking to you on my drives home .