Thursday, August 20, 2015

Never Resting

" In this world there's real and make believe , this seems real to me " - 3 Doors Down -

I can't see the other face of the world 
Standing in someone else's life 
Like rusted nails we're  breaking down 

The whisky runs dry - 
I see it written on the wall 
A Braille only you can feel - 

I push in the chair 
You have no good bye 
Lost somewhere amongst the crowds 

Is she a face you see past the doubts 
As you run 
She waits alone in the bar - 

There's nothing I can do 
Nothing I can say to make you 

She walks slowly to the door 
Do you remember what was left behind 

And I - 
Fall to my knees , 
Like a rusted dream it falls apart 

Braille on the wall 
I'm writing this letter to you 
I know you hear me 

Whisky runs dry 
No good bye 
Don't tell me 
I'm not 
A face in the crowd 

As she leaves the bar