Sunday, September 20, 2015

Poetry and love

Poetry is a secret story between you and the paper . No one quite knows her secrets except the pen and the the air that dries her fragments and her lover that hears the lost good byes written for him tonight . 

I say poetry is best written as a lost letter written for her lover to find . But most poetry remains lost . That's why the best poetry is written late at night and the poet is alone . 

No poet will tell you what their poetry means . It's for you to decipher the hieroglyphics of words written for secret soul mates that lay a hundred miles away 
Under all these pages and pages and maybe just maybe you can take these words and cut and paste them into your world like music and sing along with us . 

I write mostly about a love I met a few years ago and said good bye too - 

He is my twin flame my 1111 . I think I write best when I'm loving or falling apart and he has me doing both . And that's just fine I write my best this way . 

I urge you to follow along on my journey and find yours as well 

- war commander