Saturday, August 15, 2015

Letter to You

I'm pressing forward 
But I can't move my heart 
I can't go on with out you - 

And I'm moving 
I'm happy - 

But I'm lost - 
It may sound crazy 
Me writing a letter 
About loving someone so much 
But I'm laying in bed dreaming about you -
Now that I'm alone in my bed 
With a broken heart 
Tell me how does one go on 
Knowing I love you so much . This isn't a poem you see . It's just me and these words laying here in the dark. 

As the tears fall down my face 
11:11 reads on the clock - 

All I wanted to know is if you ever felt 
The same . Do you miss me when I miss you ? You may never see this letter 
Or know - how hard it is to go on with out you