Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ladders

There's a cold road we travel 
Unhanded with brave smiles 
Wearing our proud hearts 
Wondering why we get thrown the stripes 
To breathe in their pain and let out a sigh 

Training to be a champion 
Missing it by the mile and I'm reminded 
As I lose sleep that no one is at her finish line 

Blood fills her eyes she grips the ropes 
Tells herself she can finish alone 

I handed out paper hearts 
Scissors and rocks in return 

I can do this I sing to myself 
I can finish this 
As they leave my side 

With every mile built in stone 
Every boy lost in sand 
I build a castle 
Watch the tide pass me by 
Haunted by ghost 

Of every good bye 

The winter won't forgive 
I wear a half cocked smile 
She knows I'll win the race