Thursday, August 7, 2014


There's a oneness about the atmosphere 
In a moment lost in your picture 
Removed from words that separate hands from I love you to good byes 

Lingering to the lost moment in between 
Tracing every step wondering how I could 
Get it back to change her back 

To ask her for the chance to live again 
For only a moment on your breath 
To ask your eyes the question 
If you had one last moment 
Would you give me one more minute 
Before you turned your head 
Did you even look back 
Did you ask yourself the question 

As I sat in bed wondering 

my heart layed on the floor beating 
As you walked down the hall bleeding 

Could you tell me ? 

Or was it easy 

I lay here now 
Not wounded 
Not in need of a simple needle and thread 

 But shattered and un mended 
As sure as I know you will not read this 
For if you could 
Surly you would answer 

Walk down back through the hall 
As I lay still in this bed broken 

As I'm left with your picture 
You need to finish the story 
Of a long lost love 

Who remains 

I just need one more minute 

To convince you to never 
Leave again