Thursday, August 14, 2014


I trail beyond the surface 
Glitter falls in some fashion of funeral rain 
I begin to laugh like I'm insane 
Reality sets in , 
Of all that is and I scratch it with a needle and heroine switches up that conversation we had to sometime last May when you thought I was something , 

I can't take away your numbness 
It's something you have to wake up from. 
You can't use me for your excuses 
Your judgement is clouded , my shot has one blood IV injection straight to the heart 

Your dilated eyes see my intention 
Your running 
I'm guessing your not coming home tonight 

There's only so many bruises I can take 
I just wanted your bed to lie in 
A place to call home 

You wouldn't believe it if I painted it on your walls 
Would you ? 
It's you who should be doing the convincing . 

I'm not the martyr . 
I gave it my all . 

I wear your name on my heart framed lense 
You let me go like a watches hand 
Turning with out forgiveness 

You walk past . 
I wear my dress for you 
Do you notice ? 

But you walk on by 
Shaking hands with fear and pride 
Like everything's all right 

And then you leave with out even saying 
Good night