Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kalidescope Letter

I see you from the corner of my eye 
I'm displaced in this shadow 
I'm choking on reason 
Living on memory 

Tell me 
Marry me 
Marry me 

As broken fingers get ready for the fall 

Tell me 
Stay with me 
Stay with me 

I don't regret this at all 
I can fight in these songs 

My insides 
Where you live 
You are my blood 
Coursing through this heart 

There is nothing 
To bring you back 

I stand here in the rain 
Singing you songs 

It's cold 
I miss your warm 

It's the death of me 
And I'm ok 

Tell me 
Speak to me 
Speak to me 

I hear you from a thousand miles 
I write in the sand 
Falling from hour glass 
Every moment alone 

There not you 
Thank you 

Broken fingers holding on 

Tell me 
You loved me 
You loved me 

I'm in the rain 
No regret