Friday, July 29, 2016


There was a moment 
Swallowed in blankets 
Fighting an ocean of tears 
Listening to your words 
Slowly drowning me 

It was that night 
I fell apart 
When I needed you to be the one to fall 

Hand me a cigar 
I'll quietly miss you 
As I drive alone in my car 

If I could push rewind 
Could I change that night 
Maybe you just needed convincing 
I'm not hard to love 

Left with candles and stale cake 
What do I do with this 
I knew you were mine from beginning to end 

I'm no beggar 
When I write these letters 
I wanted you to stay 
Because you wanted too 

But I never fall 
But I did that night 
As you slammed the door 

Now I'm left 
Full of reminders 
Of what I'm looking for