Sunday, November 9, 2014

Her Letter

She can't sleep any more , she tries to erase it . She lays on her pillow and it floods her brain , she feels like it's slipping away like an hour glass with no sand ..... 

No end . 

Just lost in her memories of you . 

She knows he won't come back . 
But she has a fire in her heart that won't die . 
She is alright with that . 

But she has no rest .... 
No answer .... 
She just knows , for the first time in her life , what love feels like . 

Your in every song , decision , tear , and smile . 

She can't sleep anymore , 
She knew the last time she looked in his eyes would be the last , 
She stared at him for a while . Breaking into a hundred million peices inside . 
She held it in with a smile one could see it , but you . You knew . 
You knew she truly loved you ...