Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heart Pocket

The radio static is loud
I can't judge the deadly
I can't drive 200 on a road that ends.

Unravel the tread on this old highway
I know nothing that is sane
I know all to well the game.

I get out of the car
I hear still the music playing.

Heart pounding
sweat pouring down my face
everything I once knew fades

The bullet
now racing through these veins.

What happens when you lose control.
What happens when you have an Ace.

Your standing at the edge of a lost road and your begging for more freeway.

I scream

All that I am is swimming

I walk in a room


No one knows

I'm lost at sea.

Fuck you

I am the hunter.

Now I am the prey.

Fuck you

I play the game of poker

You are the Ace

Fuck you

for winning.

You took my heart pocket

Stole the key away