Sunday, March 30, 2014

Letter Of A Car Salesman

The devil concludes on two shoulders
I sit calmly in the middle
I contend with fools
I listen silently all the while they mock me

I deafen my sanity
the band plays loud
They have no idea I have a PHD in their stupidity
and I spit on there superstar misery.

I am a guide to destination zero
A hero of circumstance
I don't need  validation from the circus
I make the art gallery perform

So tell me
I am now amused
I have my hat on.

Let's just take a shot in the dark
Ill take this chance
my heart hangs on a coat rack
in your closet

I'm sitting in the car
letting you drive.

I've never been the passenger.
Lead me into the road
of laughter and shattered windshields

I'm ready

To break the 9-5
of the demons that haunt my day
and the love that haunts my night

a letter of the car salesman
I don't belong here
take me

for a ride.