Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eulogy Of My Dying Day . Mary Cimmino - My Beautiful Grandmother


I can't believe you are gone.

I was just 5 when I sat on your white marble sink and you curled my hair for mass on Sunday morning.

I was just 7 when you took me to Macy's to buy the most beautiful skirt a little girl could dream of.

I was 7 half stealing those delicious cookies out of the cookie jar, and even though you said only one Amers... I know you put them in their for our visit .

When I was 12 and almost died you were there when I got in my terrible accident.

When I was 18 you made sure I went to college.

When I was 20 I remember you were the best grandma to my newly born son Austin,
he played in your crib you set out for him at your house.

Your house was always a home to us grandma . You always made sure we had what we needed and gave us so much love.
you never asked for anything in return as far as I could remember.

When I grew older you told me to find the right man for my children. And I promised I would.

I sit now at your bed side knowing you will pass soon, and your smiling.
Can you imagine dying ?

I can't.

She was not crying.

She was smiling. Just looking at all of us around her. She couldn't say much, but her smile said it all.
As she grasped for words I grabbed her hand and I knew how much you loved me grandma.

I tried to think of a poem to write or a story. But I could not. How could I write about my love for you.

Thank you for loving us in all our flaws, thank you for loving my babies. Thank you for your strength and wisdom.
And most of all thank you for your smile that always entered first in a room.