Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Rabbit And The Tortoise

Anastasia hides in the pocket of the caged rabbit
the tortoise seems to be winning again

I lose my senses
lipstick smears my day
and the girl asks the rabbit his name

Anastasia answers calmly , "its a secret."

The clock ticks in rhymes as I type out a good bye to a prince

The tears stream from black stained lens
And trust me it is not- non sense

Wire lens frame tells me its time
She prays silently on her drive

Its a cloudy day
I sleep with your picture frame

No one knows my name

An orphan she is
In this rabbit cage

I bet you know his name
But I sent the letter yesterday

I watch him pass me by
I'm losing still

Flawed and incredibly insane

But all the less

Its a cloudy day
And I sleep with your picture frame