Sunday, February 16, 2014

Does love at first sight exist ?

Love at first sight ?

If there was a day in my life that I could say completely never made sense I could tell you of this day I met this man . As I write this there is no editing or spell check I apologize . My life has been one race to the next . Always trying to get to the next best thing . Trying to win . Falling down . Sometimes winning sometimes losing , but never really looking up . And yet I have this moment , people speak of where you meet someone and you are in awe of them .. That magical moment you hear about in movies and in books ...

You meet someone and your captured in an instant . You wonder if it exist if it's real ? Never has it happened like this !
Your world is turned upside down . Does this happen once in life ?
If he does not feel the same can it happen again ?
I've been and seen enough to last through a hundred wise men , but never have I felt this .
Maybe this was in my past , maybe last week ...

That I will not share ... The point is .. Can you feel that and they not feel nothing ?

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now . I guess the answer lies within the spirit of life and God and whatever life brings us ...

Our next adventure ;)

-Amy Everett

Update :

Follow your heart ;
Not advice of others . Love at first sight is real go with your gut whether it works out or not take the risk it's worth it . It only happens once .