Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dandelion Threads....

> I here the alarm sounding in the distant sunrise
> I should of ran so long ago
> But I stayed.
> You asked me to believe
> You cried me to sleep.
> Now I am here standing alone,
> Nothing left but a pillow
> I throw questions in the wind
> Along with the anger and broken promises
> I blow the dandelion
> Watch it's beauty as you spit in my face
> On this cold rainy day.
> Did you know
> I heard the wind long ago
> She tried to take me away from you
> you held on.
> And cut me to peices
>  all at the same time.
> I gave it all
> gave it all
> you owned this childs heart
> cut out perfect waiting every night
> I lay here as you spit in her face.
> The only rain left is the rain from her face.
> You had to tear her to peices
> til there was nothing left.
> she bent forwards and in half
> wrote a love note in a bottle hoping he would come back.
> Every gift , every promise a diamond shattered and carried away by the sea.
> she sings a lullabye so she can sleep.
> watches beauty fade
> and every dream drowned under the weight of the sand and tide
> She was on her knees
> she was briused
> she sacrificed everything for you
> We both did
> Then he spit in my face.
> washed away with the winter rain
> not sure how long it will last.
> But I pray Jesus takes the pain away.