Sunday, April 23, 2017


I'm writing now on the sky 
Where I used to place all my dreams and bet on fate 
Now I'm tracing in the clouds ...... 

Under my arm I've always carried this note 
I thought maybe you wouldn't come 
And I knew you would 

So I left it in my pocket every word growing old 
Never losing it's meaning 

Every day I laid awake broken 
While you were away 
Nothing's ever the same 
As I carve  you out of my day 
Fall asleep to memories at night 

Now I see you here 
Right across the room 
I'm handing you this note 
I held on to for so long 

And I died with out 
I was lost with out 
Roaming around in the crowds 

I'm writing in this sky
Where I used to dream 

I carved out today 
I knew in every moment I lost 
I knew in every moment I died 

That you would find me here 
You would find me here 

Now I'm safe 
Now I'm hand tied 
It's ok 
It's ok 

Old letters 
Still have meaning 

Just like yesterday