Sunday, February 5, 2017

What's Real

I'm listening to the song vengance . I feel like I have something important to share I hope I do not lose my train of thought . I hope I don't lose you in it .
We are made up of energy , an electrical current just like an outlet if you will and the plug . Once two people are connected there is an energy coursing through . You can't stop it . It's something you feel all the time . You need two parts for it to be whole . People wonder about their twin flame or soul mate I will tell you , anyone who is not flowing with your energy is not your twin or soul mate , there in it for some other reason . It's so simple . There's no questions . It just happens . They don't want it to stop . I see so many articles , how to get him to love me ? How to get him to call ? If your reading those then move on !! Energy is real . It's another persons music only you can hear .

Also if your chasing emotion your probably dealing with an emotionally unavailable person
Just move on . Never chase after an emotion .

It's not about dating or friendship - trust me -

Agent Orange