Monday, August 29, 2016


Take me home to my heart . 

Sifted through ashes 
Conquering the wars 
Slaughtered lambs there's something to say for the living 

Something to remember for the lost 
I have a voice 
Lost under glass 
Concrete walls 

Free me from this 
I'm the wolf 
Pacing at the door 

Covered in the lambs tragedy 
So here you have the storm 
I have everything there is to be told 
I'm not an underestimation 

I'm the lullabie
To unanswered prayers 
So listen close 

There's something to be said for the living 

I been sifted through the ashes 
Found wanting 
Made into new beginnings 
Take heart I say 
As the clouds gather 
We will not fall 
I promise you 
We will not fall