Friday, December 25, 2015

The Winter Collection

There's a tide coming in 
He said close your eyes 
Follow me girl 
Into the forest we walk 
Blind folded my love 
Eyes wide open - 

Laundry hanging on the line 
Paper clipped heart shapes made of twine 
Tell me Mr sandman , I write fairy tales in sand , washed away by the hands 
Of the unforgiving tide - 

Follow me he says - 
He laughs - 

The forest is cold - 
The crows are screaming 
I ask,"have you heard a word I said?" 

The sun is setting 
The path is narrowing ,
You hold my hand and whisper - 
Trust me - 

I see him , leaving 
And I see him leaving too - 
I remember their suit cases were packed long before you got here . 

And I'm peeking through these cracks 
And I let go of your hand 
Because your fingers 
Are their fingers 
And I'm packed 
The train is waiting you see 
It's always waiting 

Paper mache heart 
Perfectly clipped to your hand 
In place where I once stood 

Tell me Mr sandman , 
How do I write fairy tales 
In pen ? 

With blind fold on 
Eyes closed