Friday, July 17, 2015

Twin flames

If I could tell the story I have 
Locked up in my safe 
Behind the painting over my fireplace 
I'd sit you down 
Eye to eye - tell you how I felt him 
From the inside the moment I layed my eyes on him 
I couldn't explain in it in detail 
All I could tell you is I knew him 
With out ever speaking a word 
With out ever saying our first hello

I fell in his soul / sounds crazy I know 
But there I stood as time as we knew it 
Stood still 
I knew in an instant he was mine forever 
I just had to have faith 
Because faith herself told me / his soul was telling me so 
And they begun a conversation from across a room 

I could barely sit still I didn't even know your name I knew I loved you / more than I ever loved before - 

That's the feeling I had the day I met him 
Written 7-2015