Saturday, June 20, 2015


I sit here with a bag of hearts 
Blaming myself -  there's no place like home 

I wasn't prepared to hold hands 
With fingers broken 

Healing in the snow 
Hold me one last time 
As I feel you breathing 

Brick buildings falling away

I sit here 
Head turned to the door 
I can't spell regret 
But this good bye spells your name 

I look away 
I can't change today 
Heart beats to yesterday 

There's no place like home 
Rebuilding is never easy 

I wasn't prepared to hold hands 
With broken fingers 

But what  you couldn't see was my feet 
Safely planted on the ground 

Here to carry 

Now she walks alone 
Bag of hearts broken 

There's more to this 
More to never leaving