Friday, April 10, 2015


I sleep with a ghost
Waiting upon the return of the dead
I'm there in your back pocket
As you walk the path so uncertain

Will you come back
My smile waits for you
My heart lies somewhere in the graffiti painted by your hands
There is nothing left

Will someone take your place ?
The empty seat you left
Do you feel me crashing
All around you
Feel me
When your gone

This castle is wrapped in caution tape
They see the sign
I sit on the steps

It's crazy I know
In the waiting
Waiting for the ghost

Who built every stone
Even if I wait alone
Until it all comes crashing down

No one Is to enter in
Just close your eyes
Feel me here
Where we once stood

Now evicted
Im left here singing this song
Watching the road

Til I'm dead

Til I rebuild this all again