Saturday, September 20, 2014

City lights

Composition of life extends her arms 
I ask her to talk 
She lights a cigarette , says honey I can't bring him back .... 
There's a hum to the city air it's cold and I'm Empty 
I walk under the lights , they whisper something about the night , I can't hear a word they say 
As I run out of breath I wonder where my home is .
And I write an obituary for the memories in my head , all the words I write never seem to be as great as the smile you left on my heart so I throw it in the trash instead 
I beg the stars to bring you back 
I beg this place I write for you to come home 
As I grieve 
As I walk these streets lost with out you 
There's nothing left I can do 
Nothing left to say